VÉRITÉ stretches artistic identity with debut music video “Phase Me Out”

Her back against the wall, Brooklyn’s own VÉRITÉ, as she’s known onstage, has put in the laborious hours needed to flesh out her artistic identity and cement herself as one of pop’s next greats. Following a string of impressive EPs, including 2016’s exceptional Living, the upstart has finally released her first-ever music video this week, for the formidable and electric “Phase Me Out” (produced by Peter Thomas and Jay Vice). The track is equal parts Top 40-friendly pop and moody house and is an apt primer for her long-awaited debut full length, tentatively expected to drop later this year via Kobalt Records. Meanwhile, we’re just gonna go sit in the corner now and put our new favorite jam on repeat until then…

“Watch it all play out, reactions too familiar. The way I act too dissimilar…to always see it in my mind. Say just what you mean, the love I don’t believe in,” she mulls over a guitar-flexed arrangement, an enveloping and atmospheric production. “The days we spend deflating…and passing by the time.”

“Don’t you want to stay here or do you want to phase me out? Don’t you want to lay here or would you rather do without?” she prods on the boundless, hook-y chorus. The clip (below) transformers those simple inquiries into an expansive and suggestive accompaniment, rich in dulled greens and blues.

Says VÉRITÉ on the dark and expressive debut visual (directed by Charlie Manton, whose cinematography work is layered and brawny), “This is a video I’ve been wanting to make for a while. I wanted to mix this mundane boredom with moments of ecstasy and surrealism.”

She continues, “For me, the song isn’t specifically about being ‘phased out,’ but more about being caught in my mind, how I draw these invisible lines between myself and the world, and the practical fallout.”

As evidenced in the clip, her troubled inner mechanics (strangled by tepid daily life and the complications of a dying relationship) and the physical world become one–it’s both fantastical and alarmingly universal. “I’m just interested in making things that are honest and representative of my reality. I’m stoked to grow and push myself to do more of the same,” she says of her forthcoming debut LP.

“Phase Me Out” is out now on iTunes.

Watch below:

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