#ThrowbackThursday: Do You Remember When Cats Hugged Dogs and We All Loved Each Other

Simpler Times?

It came to us from Russia, a place that was less scary four years ago than it is now. It was posted by a woman by the name of Svetlana Uryumtseva, who, my curious Google search tells me, has been recently militarized by the Russian government as well.

Which is not to say that this video was some kind of piping hot slice of perfect domestic idyll. What were the dog’s motivations, millions asked? It was debated on Ellen. YouTube commenters, trolls perhaps, speculated on the dog and/or its owner’s more nefarious motivations. Dinner? Clearing up the thoroughfare? Sick Russian perversion?

A metaphor for humanity?

The woman who posted the video called them “змечательных,” which translates roughly to “transcendently wonderful,” a phrase of such sublimity that it wouldn’t surprise me if Tolstoy himself had used it to describe the cut of Anna’s dress as she descended the stairs in his acclaimed novel Anna Karenina, which was also adapted into an Oscar-winning feature film that starred Keira Knightley, also in 2012.

Even Gawker, another pillar of our times destroyed in the great fires of 2016, leaned away from what I’m sure were divisive issues in those golden years, to contemplate some of their worldly questions that the video posed. Viral blogger Neetzan Zimmerman wrote:

I can’t decide what’s more impressive: That there’s dog capable of executing a command as involved as “carry the cat home,” or that there’s cat patient enough to allow a dog to carry it home.

Do you know what organ Mr. Zimmerman writes for now? D.C.’s self-explanatory The Hill. Imagine that, going from cat videos to having to cover Trump’s every self-aggrandizing move. Even his Twitter pic looks sad. Kill me.

Need more proof that 2012 was pretty great?

That same year, joshbouz, a domestic YouTube figure, tasted the sweet elixir of online success and briefly got talent agency representation shortly after posting “Cat misses dog after being apart for 10 days,” an insta-classic piece of animal-love that brought to our eyes the characters of Jasper the feline and Bow-Z the canine, locked in embrace. They had been apart for ten days, joshbouz told us, and like the best of pals, were genuinely glad to see each other again, like the best friends we wish we had: the Dory to our Marlin, the Donkey to our Shrek.

Just listen to The Daily Mail narrate it: “Meow,’ Jasper exclaims several times as if to say, ‘I missed you so much. How could you ever leave me?’

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