The Best Things to Do after Becoming Champion in Sun and Moon

You’ve beaten Sun and Moon. It’s probably not the first and certainly won’t the be the last time you’ve ascended to the rank of champion. So you know the drill, there are probably a few legendary Pokemon out there for you to catch and maybe some eager trainers you can absolutely wreck again. Well, not this time. No sirree. Things aren’t gonna be that simple. Pokemon Sun and Moon is absolutely loaded with post-league challenges. It’s probably the most packed Pokemon post-game since HeartGold and SoulSilver’s absurd 20+ legendary Pokemon, double-league quest.

Catching Those Pesky Ultrabeasts

Now that you’ve beat the game and uncovered the mystery of the Ultrabeasts they are yours to catch. Five Ultrabeasts have spread themselves across the Alola region and it’s up to you to contain the threat. The whole series of missions have got a fun Jason Bourne-esque feeling to them, except you’re the CIA and the Ultrabeasts are the dangerous, loose-cannon asset that needs to be reigned in, dead or alive. You can report to the empty room in the motel on Route 8 to find your first Ultrabeast mission instructions after you’ve beaten the elite four and hopefully captured Tapu Koko. Which brings us to our next best post-game mission in Sun and Moon

Catching The Tapu Guardians

These guys are a heck of a lot more fun to catch and to battle than their Ultrabeast counterparts. The whole vibe of the Tapu Pokemon is one of game-recognize-game friendly competition. These mighty island guardians let you challenge them because you’ve proven your strength and whether you beat them or catch them there is an air of you-are-the-chosen-oneness about it all. Each of the Tapu Guardians can be found in the previously inaccessible shrines on the four islands and will initiate battle after you press A at their totem. These guys aren’t too hard to catch and any combination of quick balls, timer balls, and ultra balls should do the trick.

Going Overboard with Battle Royal

The Battle Royal system played a hilarious role in the main story with official Pokeprof thirst-trap Professor Kukui taking on the “secret” role of the luchadore-inspired “Masked Royal.” You’re already somewhat familiar with the Battle Royal system from the main plot arc but the version you played in story mode was an abridged, one Pokemon version the actual Battle Royal challenge. When you head there after beating the elite four, you’ll find a pretty decent challenge with lots of fun to be had. You get three Pokemon, no weird stuff, and whoever has knocked out the most Pokemon when any player has lost all of their Pokemon is the winner. Plenty of room for strategy and subterfuge.

Totally Jack Gladion’s Steeze by Getting Yourself a Type-Null

We all remember Gladion’s badass beast-killer Type-Null. Designed in the clandestine labs of the Aether Foundation, he’s got a freaking hammer for a head and a heart of gold, apparently. While he makes an obviously better companion for your My Chemical Romance lead singer and rival, Gladion, Type-Null is also certain to up your squad’s cool factor. His evolution can even change types and Gladion will set you up with all the good stuff you need to get going. You can find Gladion and his freebie Type-Null on the second floor of the Aether Foundation, sulking, of course.

Catch the Brolic Legendary Necrozma

After you catch the final ultra beast, the guy who’s been giving you your assignments, Looker, will lose his sh*t over a sixth, terrifying monster, Necrozma. And to be fair, he’s not wrong for freaking out. Necrozma is a lean, mean fighting machine. Clocking in at a smooth level 75 he beats even Rayquaza in base level and will absolutely wreck your team if you’re unprepared for a big fight. He has resistances to every type of Pokeball and will be a downright nightmare to catch. Maybe now’s the time to use that masterball you’ve been saving? What’s that? You used it on a shiny Yungoos? Shame.

As a bonus you can also get a version of Cosmog if you return to the Alter of Sunne/Moone at night/day time respectively. Just enter the portal to the shadow realm and head down to the lake. You could also participate in the 100 Mil Pokemon challenge all the way.

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Happy hunting, trainers!

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