Tara Reid Trainwreck Pulls Into Marriage Boot Camp—Just One Day Late

Tara Reid trainwreck marriage boot camp combo is going to make for must-watch TV—jump on board the hot mess express!

Because, of course it was a day late—Tara “hot mess” Reid folks!

She probably had a super important spray tan appointment she couldn’t miss or something.

Not surprisingly, relationship counselor Elizabeth Carroll was pretty pissed at Reid for her tardiness.

Because, let’s face it, nothing says committed to therapy like turning up 24-hours late.

Good job Tara!

Carroll even goes through the motions of pretending they weren’t going to allow Reid to participate in the show.

Which, of COURSE isn’t even a possibility, because Tara Reid makes for reality TV gold.

Carroll tells the 40-year-old:

Boot camp is commitment and we normally don’t let people come in late like this.

You’ve missed a full day.

Meanwhile, Tara’s hot mess will be on full display throughout the show, judging by the season trailer—which you can watch below.

There’s Tara screaming at her (probably fake) boyfriend of five minutes; Tara screaming at the therapists.

There’s Tara screaming at her housemates as they scream at her and each other.

There’s Tara chugging back shots; Tara drunkenly dirty dancing on the kitchen table; Tara and the (probably fake) boyfriend of five minutes in handcuffs.

Yeah, this is going to be golden.

In addition to Tara trainwreck and her “party boy Dean May”  there’s a whole other bunch of D-listers you’ve likely never heard of:

Memphitz Wright, the bad boy who won’t commit to his wife Toya

Model Lisa D’Amato and her doomsday prepping husband Adam

The Bachelor couple no longer in paradise Michelle Money and Cody Sattler

And the fiancés battling infidelity Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon

As per WE TV:

On this season, five new reality show couples enter the compound grounds to fight for their damaged relationships under the strain of secrets, lies and jail time!

And find out what happens when one couple’s deceitful plot tornados through the house, and goes down as the biggest train wreck in Marriage Boot Camp history.

And when Hollywood wild child Tara Reid and her party boy Dean May break down the doors and all the rules…there’ll be hell to pay.

Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, along with co-directors Ilsa Norman and David Bishop have their work cut out for them as they take on relationships that are on the verge of massive destruction.

And the honorable Judge Lynn Toler is back to lay down the hammer during nightly evaluations.

Up against the most intense exercises and drills yet, including a talk show with a shocking twist hosted by Montel Williams, the toughest weeks of their relationships lie ahead.

But in the end, which couple will survive when NO ONE is safe?

Our money is on Tara—that chick is like a cockroach…. she would survive Armageddon.

Tune into WE TV June 3 at 9/8 to see the season premiere or Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

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Tara Reid Trainwreck Marriage Boot Camp combo is guaranteed reality TV gold

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Tara Reid Trainwreck Marriage Boot Camp combo is guaranteed reality TV gold
Tara Reid Trainwreck Marriage Boot Camp combo is guaranteed reality TV gold


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