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Ships Have Sailed Premiere Simply Sublime, Accoustic, Out of Time

Ships Have Sailed Out of Time

The ever fabulous Ships Have Sailed have premiered their beautifully haunting new track.

Out of Time was originally an electronic production, but it has been reworked into an acoustic masterpiece—and it’s simply sublime.

Stripped down and authentic

Stripped down, bare and authentic, the acoustic version of Out of Time, is on-track to become your new go-to love song.

And, like many great love songs, it’s got a touching back story to go along with it.

The Whispers EP was conceived when my little sister Elle asked me to perform an acoustic version of this song Out of Time at her wedding last year.

I was touched by her request and set about stripping down what was originally a very electronic production of a song about undying love to it’s raw form in order to perform it solo on a stage with just a guitar.

After the performance, my sister said: ‘you know, that song sounds amazing acoustic…you should think about recording it’ – and just like that, the idea for Whispers was born.

Definite departure

It’s a definite departure from the Los Angeles band’s usual mix of exuberant pop and substantial alternative rock.

Ships have Sailed’s past tracks, including, Midnight and Insomnia, have earned the band a loyal following over the past couple of years.

Not to mention, made them indie-pop darlings with heavy play on College, NPR and Commercial radio in the US and Canada.

So, it comes as little surprise, that when Carpenter suggested producing a completely acoustic EP, his bandmates initially questioned his sanity.

Going acoustic

However, they agreed to go along with the plan, and decamped at Carpenters home studio in Silverlake to record completely stripped down, acoustic arrangements of two new compositions and three songs from previous albums.

Not realizing how profoundly emotional it would be to peel back the theatrics, the band’s recording process quickly revealed itself to be more intensive than expected.

No one is perfect and that’s ok

Carpenter, who is thrilled by the end result, tells Popdust:

We couldn’t hide imperfections and were forced to expose ourselves without the glossy sheen of modern techniques and heavy production.

It’s important to recognize in front of oneself and others that we are all human, no one is perfect and that it’s ok to own that.

Well, if this is what imperfection sounds like, then we don’t want to hear perfect again!

Whispers is set for a May 13, 2016 release—you can stream it here—and listen to the premiere of the beautiful acoustic version of Out of Time below.

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Ships have Sailed Out of Time

ships have sailed out of time

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