Rihanna Drinks From a Diamond-Encrusted Flask at Grammys 2017 Like It’s NBD

Not a care in the world! Rihanna nearly stole the show at the 2017 Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 12, when she was spotted (repeatedly) drinking from a diamond-encrusted flask while sitting in the audience with her best friend Melissa Forde. Watch the video above!

The "Love on the Brain" singer, 28, was first caught taking a sip from her flask when the camera panned through the audience. She stared straight into the lens with a guilty look on her face as she not so subtlety screwed the cap back on the container and tucked it away.

Later in the evening, Rihanna — clad in an orange halter top and a black ruffled skirt by Armani Privé — looked over at another friend and appeared to say, "I think it's time for another shot." Soon after, she pulled the bejeweled, hard-to-miss flask out, took a giant swig and handed it over to her pal.

Naturally, viewers couldn't get enough of the GIF-worthy moment and took to social media to share their takes on the eight-time Grammy winner powering through the three-and-a-half hour telecast.

"Rihanna drinking out of her diamond encrusted flask & passing it around is my mood," one user wrote. Another added, "A diamond-studded flask. We will never be on Rihanna's level."

Rihanna was nominated for eight Grammys this year, including Record of the Year for "Work," her collaboration with ex-boyfriend Drake.

Tell Us: What do you think is in Rihanna's flask?

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