Premiere: Del Caesar’s Throwback But Modern Rocker ‘I’ll Bet’

Self-proclaimed garage-rockers Del Caesar paint with a simple, but thoughtful, brush. While the trio may have been inspired by the sounds of yesteryear, packing together rollicking country-rock soul with an aloof modern grit, they are not strangers to pushing the envelope and challenging their artistic tendencies, without (of course) ever compromising their stylistic identity. Aaron Lloyd Barr, whose background in illustration and other creative endeavors, directly feeds into the band’s richness and vividness in storytelling. Coupled with the energy and passion of fellow bandmates Erik Arikian (on bass) and Ben Reynolds (on drums), the band hit on all cylinders with their new song “I’ll Bet”– which premieres exclusively today.

Lead singer and guitarist Barr shares with Popdust the story behind the song: “‘I’ll Bet’ pretty much wrote itself. It started on guitar and is definitely a ‘guitar song.’ That riff just begs for the verse chords, and the chorus is this simple little CCR-style turnaround. The singer is crazy about this girl. What is she thinking or doing? We only really know his perspective. To me, it’s the song that Brian Jones might create if he tried to write ‘She’s Always A Woman’ while stoned out of his head.”

Band member Reynolds adds, “People change over time, worn away by the winds of responsibility, eroded by time, distraction, spend them carelessly. That revelatory first shared experience…the first chord played together with your mates, or that first kiss with a new soulmate, these things hit you to the bone and feel right. For that first moment, when you view the world through the halcyon filter of a new outlook, your view of the world can become sunnier, even if you’re sitting in a darkened studio.”

“I’ll Bet” samples the band’s upcoming EP 2, out everywhere Nov. 11, via Reheated Spaghetti.

Listen below:

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