Model Gets Smashed In The Face By A Drone—And Its Pretty Damn Brutal

The model jess adams smashed face drone video is just……. OUCH! Like SERIOUSLY OUCH!!

As far as model photoshoot fails go, this is pretty epic.

TMZ reports that the collision happened during a photoshoot  in Malibu.

Apparently, Adams was doing her photographer friend a solid and modeling some clothing, when she landed on the wrong end of the 4-prop drone.

She tells TMZ that she was “seductively eye-fucking” the drone camera lens when suddenly BAM! she took it right in the face.

Thankfully, she escaped without any broken bones—suffering just cuts and bruises, including a pretty impressive black eye.

She posted some photos of the drone camera damage on her Instagram:

model jess adams smashed face drone

Jesus, don’t you wish YOU looked that good with a black eye?!!

Aside from escaping serious injury, equally importantly, she still has her sense of humor firmly in place, telling TMZ:

If you’re gonna get hit in the face with a drone better at least be able to watch it and die laughing.

Talk about taking it like a champ.

Adams says it was her first time working with a drone camera, and believes it was a strong gust of wind that drove it smack into her face, rather than piloting error.

We’re guessing after this experience, it’s probably her last time working with a drone camera too.

Although, judging by the press she’s getting right now, it’s possible the painful incident will at least help propel her career.

Silver lining Jess.

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Watch the model Jess Adams smashed face drone video:

Watch the model Jess Adams smashed face drone video:

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Watch the model Jess Adams smashed face drone video

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