Listen: Tokyo Psych Prog Band Sundays & Cybele Rock Out on “Butterfly’s Dream”

Rising psych-prog outfit Sundays and Cybele are back with a new single in anticipation of their upcoming EP, Chaos & Systems, due out in February 2017. The nearly-10 minute epic, titled “Butterfly’s Dream,” is a heavy, warbled whirl of guitar. As overpowering as it is, the music from this Tokyo-based band is a welcome addition to the current psych rock canon, and for good reason.

“Butterfly’s Dream” starts with an ethereal guitar plucking section that eventually segues into the jangly, pure psych rock. Guitar duties are shared by lead vocalist Kazuo Tsubouchi and Yoshinao Uchida. The song constantly veneers between double and even triple-layering guitar, so this comes as no surprise. To create this specific kind of musical storm, there has to be a back-and-forth, and both Tsubouchi and Uchida play off each other like pros.

Every aspect of the song is packed with something new to take in—here a key solo, there hard drums, a sudden flourishing guitar solo—all tied together elegantly by a consistent, chugging baseline, played masterfully by Shota Mizuno. The song itself is as much a journey as it is a massive throwback to 90s alt-prog records. It can indeed feel overwhelming, but the best psych rock music usually is; ask any Neutral Milk Hotel fan.

The song and album will also serve as the pilot for Brooklyn-based label Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records’ Jamscription service, which will provide subscribers with all the new music the label releases, as well as some extra treats such as back-catalog tracks. With this sprawling epic of a song, BBIB could not have picked a better band to kick-start the service.

Pre-order Sundays & Cybele’s second EP, Chaos & Systems, and listen to “Butterfly’s Dream” below.

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