Listen to a taste of the new Bleached EP ‘Can You Deal?’

Indie stars Bleached are out with a new single, “Can You Deal?” that gives fans a preview of their upcoming EP of the same title. The song booms with grunge guitar, quick drums and lyrics about Sabbath and solos.

Fronted by sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, the band from Los Angeles released their second studio album, Welcome the Worms, in 2016. The album showed off their punk-influenced indie sound with standout tracks like “Wednesday Night Melody” and “Keep On Keepin’ On.” That sound is right up front on “Can You Deal?” the first taste of what’s to come.

Guitar-heavy “Can You Deal?” features the slightly-off-sounding vocals of some of their other songs, backed by glowing “oohs” and “aahs” and hard drumming. The mysterious opening bass sounds of the song give way to a punchy, grunge guitar verse. The chorus is a fast, rocking statement of a middle-finger lifestyle.

“I listen to Sabbath with all of my friends, yeah it’s real,” she sings. She’s talking about parties and guitar solos and all the ingredients of the classic rock and roll band. Also a theme on Welcome the Worms, it looks like this EP’s going to be exactly what it stands for—an extended play, bonus material from the album.

The band writes on their website about life leading up to album. “Sometimes [writing this album] made me hate myself and sometimes it made me love myself,” said Jennifer Clavin. The album name came from a religious pamphlet given to her by strangers on a random walk through the night. Among the various images and phrases was the one that mattered: “Welcome the worms.”

They’re currently preparing for an almost nightly tour of the West Coast with The Damned for the 40th anniversary of Damned Damned Damned. Upcoming dates include a solo show on April 6 at Echoplex in L.A., followed by dates with The Damned:

4/7: House of Blues in San Diego

4/8: House of Blues in Anaheim

4/9: House of Blues in Las Vegas

4/11: The Fillmore in San Fransisco

4/12: Ace of Spades in Sacramento

They’ll leave California for Portland on April 14 and, from there, travel through Canada and the U.S. to eventually land in New York City on Randall’s Island on July 28 and 29.

Grab a copy of Welcome the Worms and listen to “Can You Deal?” on Apple Music and Spotify. The Can You Deal? EP drops March 3.

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