Kid Cudi’s New Album Has Been Delayed

No stranger to delays and other industry roadblocks, Kid Cudi announced over Twitter last night that his latest album, slated originally to “change the game” today, September 30th, has been pushed back.

As rap fans have heard before, the issue is with the process of “sample clearance”, meaning portions of existing music used as elements on album tracks. This can be a complicated process involving international lawyers and multiple patent agencies. Remember J. Cole’s legendary Forest Hills Drive outro-rant on sample clearances?

Thanking fans for their patience and promising more info on new singles and a new visual by tomorrow, Cudi sounded confident that the delay would not destroy his (Twitter-beef fueled) momentum.

Check out the entire disclosure in the Tweet below:

For more info on Kid Cudi’s new album and its unbelievable guest-list, check out popdust.com/music!

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