Kate Plus 8 Is Coming Back to Annoy Viewers

When Jon & Kate Plus 8 first premiered back in 2007, viewers were fascinated. The pair seemed like any other couple who bickered while trying to raise a family. People tuned in week after week to see how they managed to raise their eight children, which includes a set of sextuplets. Kate gained a reputation for being controlling and bossy while Jon seemed like a victim.

Kate Gosselin

After they did split in 2009, Jon went crazy. He had all kinds of affairs, was hanging around with B-list celebrities (like Michael Lohan…) and, to this day, struggles to keep a steady job. He is broke and doesn’t have a home large enough to accommodate visits from all of his children. Meanwhile, you may hate her, but Kate has hustled to keep her kids in their rural Pennsylvania home. Yes, she’s had to rely on money from appearances and books but wouldn’t you, as a single mother of eight, do whatever it took to provide for your family?


The show was cancelled not long after the divorce but there have been “special runs” over the years. Jon was staunchly against having his children appear on television but now that he sees how hard it is to make money, he’s been much more open to the idea. Maybe that’s the reason behind the most recent news.


Kate posted a photo of her son, Aaden, to Instagram and one of her followers said: “Wish you guys were still on television.” In response, Kate wrote: “We are! Full season of Kate Plus 8 returning in January! #Yay.”


While TLC has yet to confirm the return of the show, we’d assume it would follow the lives of Kate and her kids, 15-year-old twins Mady and Cara and her 12-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Joel. Collin has been in treatment for some behavioral issues so his involvement could be limited.


It’s hard to know how this show will be received after all this time. The kids are older now so the “cute factor” is pretty much gone. Should be interesting…
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