Is Pregnant Blac Chyna Still Drinking Alcohol and Red Bull?

Now that Blac Chyna is expecting a baby with Rob Kardashian, it feels like she’s everywhere. Sure, most of us have heard of her but do you even know why she’s (somewhat) famous? Some research revealed that she’s often referred to as a “video vixen” or “urban model” due to her regular appearances in hip hop videos. Mystery solved!  To be fair, though, she did launch her own makeup brand, Lashed by Blac Chyna, in 2014.



Born Angela White (you can’t make this stuff up), she was in a relationship with Tyga from 2011 to 2014 and the pair share one child together. After they broke up, it was a big deal that the 26-year-old rapper became romantically linked to teenager, Kylie Jenner. It wasn’t surprising, therefore, that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, Kylie’s older brother, hooking up caused such a problem on both sides of the family but they didn’t care. It’s a good thing that everyone seems to be more accepting of their relationship these days since Blac Chyna is now pregnant!


You’d imagine that an experienced mama would know what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy, right? Well, maybe Blac Chyna has chosen to live by her own rules. She’s still working in strip clubs and has some really interesting items listed on her rider. While some people demand all-white furniture or bowls of M&Ms with the brown ones removed, Blac Chyna must have the following waiting in her hotel room: 3 Red Bulls, 1 bottle of Tylenol, a pack of Big Red gum and a bottle of Moet Nectar Rose.


Ummmm… that’s not quite the diet you’d expect a pregnant woman to have. No water? Fruit? Tums? Some commenters and sites have suggested that it’s all for Rob but, really, as a recovering addict, is that the best for him either?


At least she requested that she be comfortable while traveling to her gig. Blac Chyna only flies first-class and is shuttled by large SUVs after being greeted at the airport. Priorities!

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