How to take your relationship to the next level using memes this Valentine’s Day

With less than a month til Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s memes are swiftly rising up the meme market charts.

I’ve been saying it for a week: sell all your stock in #SaltBae! Now is the time to BUY BUY BUY those Valentine’s memes! Valentine’s Day e-card memes spike in popularity every year around February 14th, a season known by some (of my friends) as the “best meme time of the year.”

But what are the best Valentine’s memes to send to someone who you’re enamored with?

“Enamored” is a word which here means “filled with a feeling of love for” (sorry, I’ve been binging Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, those Baudelaire orphans sure have it rough). How do you choose which memes to send to that special someone?

"Just a friend"

Just because you’re not “with” someone doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the Valentine’s day meme fun! Send your friends innocuous Valentine’s memes to avoid sending them the wrong message.

"Just a crush"

While some Valentine’s Day memes are more raunchy, if you’re not “talking to” the object of your affection already, it’s probably best to send them a meme that’s playful and flirtatious, but doesn’t scream “I’M TRYING TO GET INTO YOUR PANTS.”

"Been talking"

Ready to move from flirty-friends to something a little… more? A suggestive meme that makes your paramour laugh, while also signaling your intentions, is the way to go.

"FWB Status"

For that person you periodically do on a table, but aren’t really “with,” try a meme that says “let’s have sex.” This can be a fun way to signal your intentions to them without being romantic.

"Significant other"

The best memes to send to someone you’ve been sticking it to dating for a while are the ones that use slang and beloved children’s characters to refer to genitalia. These memes say “We are good at sex together,” in both an inviting and lighthearted manner.

"One true love"

No explanation needed.

"Been creeping on your Facebook, but in denial of it"

Yeeeeeeeeah. Don’t send Valentine’s memes to people you creep on, especially if you don’t talk to them.

I’ll say that one more time.

Don’t send Valentine’s memes to the people you creep on, especially if you don’t talk to them in real life.

"Confused about us"

Are you in one of those “it’s complicated” relationships on Facebook? Not sure if you’re breaking up or getting together? Not sure if you want to break up or get back together? A Nic Cage meme should be just enough to confuse that person you’re trying to get to break up with you, and trick them into actually doing it.

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