#ElectionFinalThoughts: How the Internet Is Handling the 2016 Presidential Election

Speak now or forever hold your peace! Americans are taking to Twitter to share their last thoughts, complaints and jokes about the 2016 presidential election before it’s all over on Tuesday, November 8.

Using the hashtag #ElectionFinalThoughts, the Twittersphere celebrated that the end is finally near — but that was pretty much all anyone could agree on. While many people seriously argued over whether Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or Republican rival Donald Trump is better for America, others provided some comic relief.

Some plotted their move to Canada if the former Apprentice host, 70, takes office. “See you in Canada #ElectionFinalThoughts,” one user tweeted, while another added, “So many people are moving to Canada if Trump gets elected, I wonder if this was Canada’s plan all along. #ElectionFinalThoughts.”

Others hoped for another choice for POTUS besides the two major party candidates. “Why are people acting like there’s a good option in this #PresidentialElection #ElectionFinalThoughts,” one man tweeted. “Is it too late for both the Republican and Democratic parties to swap out their candidates for someone else?” another Twitter user wrote.

See more #ElectionFinalThoughts below:

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