Dating Orlando Bloom Can Be Damn Scary—Just Ask Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth dating Orlando Bloom death threats—Bosworth found out the hard way just how scary it can be dating a heartthrob

The Blue Crush beauty with miss-matched eyes was a household name a few years back.

She even starred as Lois Lane in Superman Returns.

And then suddenly…gone…

What happened to our girl?

Well, she got married to screenwriter and producer Michael Polish in 2013 and began focusing on married life.

But that’s not the only reason the former ‘It’ girl has faded into virtual obscurity.

Far more sinister forces were at play.

Kate and Orlando Bloom dated from 2003-2006, right at the height of his Pirates of the Caribbean fame.

And female fans of the British heartthrob were not happy.

Kate started getting hate mail when she was with Orlando.

And when I say hate mail, I mean bags and bags of hate mail.

It really freaked her out but her agents and managers assured her it was just part of being famous.

They told her to suck it up and just roll with it.

She was really upset by it all though—she wasn’t used to people, especially complete strangers hating on her for absolutely no reason at all.

It freaked her out so much that she even considered quitting the business at one point, and stepping out of the spotlight completely.

However, she listened to all the advice, took it on board and just tried to ignore all the freaks and haters.

So Kate, now 33, forged on, but soon the hate mail turned to death threats.

The source says:

Kate’s whole team was on red alert.

Orlando was a bonafide heartthrob and his fans were crazy.

Some of them even described in detail how they would kill Kate.

It was insane, and super scary. I mean, you gotta realize these are just crazy people and that they’re making hollow threats.

Sure enough, before long, the crazies began upping the ante—and soon the hatred began infiltrating Kate’s IMDB message boards.

The source says:

It got so bad that her publicists had to shut down her page.

She’s the only actress of her notoriety that doesn’t really have a message board on IMDB.

Kate’s management team wanted to try to limit the insane shit and nastiness she was being subjected to.

Because, no matter how hard you try to ignore it, it really gets to you eventually on some level.

There was one plus side however.

The trauma proved beneficial to Kate’s performance in 2011’s Straw Dogs, in which she portrays a woman being hunted by a murderous band of red necks.

The source says:

It all felt so real to her.

Because that’s what she felt like when she was with Orlando.

Like she was being hunted.

Like she was prey.

Kate took all the angst she suffered and turned it to her advantage.

Kate and Orlando broke up in 2006 and she moved on to True Blood babe Alexander Skarsgard.

And, although Skarsgard was a Hollywood heartthrob too, dating him was a walk in the park compared to Orlando.

The source says:

Alexander definitely had a solid fan base and a cult following but it wasn’t any where near the level of Orlando.

Orlando was huge at the time—especially with young women and teen girls, and hey can be the craziest of all.

Dating Alexander was a huge relief for Kate.

And then it started to occur to her that maybe she prefers to live her life a little more out of the spotlight.

Since marrying Polish, Kate has been decidedly more low key.

The source says:

She still loves acting, but Kate chooses more low profile projects these days.

She never wants to go through being terrorized like that again.

Well, on the plus side, at least she got to bang Orlando Bloom.

Glass half full Kate. Glass half full.

Kate Bosworth dating Orlando Bloom death threats

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Kate Bosworth dating Orlando Bloom death threats
Kate Bosworth dating Orlando Bloom death threats

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