Chris McMillan: My Favorite Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle Of All Time Is…

Jennifer Aniston’s mane man, celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan, might be famous for creating “The Rachel,” but his favorite hairstyle of the beloved actress, 47, might come as a surprise to some.

“I actually like when she pulls her hair back when she’s putting her makeup on,” McMillan told Us Weekly at Marie Claire’s Image Maker Awards at Catch in West Hollywood on Tuesday, January 10. “That’s my favorite hairstyle. I’m like, ‘Oh My Gosh! You look so pretty. Look at you.’”

Although Aniston’s trademark long locks haven’t drastically changed since the late 90s, McMillan says her locks have, in fact, evolved. “If you Google 'Jennifer Aniston', you’ll see that she has changed her hair. It doesn’t change dramatically like Miley Cyrus from long to short, but it has definitely changed.”

McMillan, whose friendship with Aniston means “everything” to him, revealed why the two have such a strong bond: in part, because he always shows up on time and puts her at ease. “It’s not about me, it’s about making her feel comfortable. Doing this [being an actress and celerity] is not easy. I’m getting a feeling of what she goes through being here. I would be a nervous wreck if this was part of my job.”

Aniston echoed McMillan’s sweet sentiments as she got on stage and presented him with the Icon: Hair Stylist award. “All I can say is that Chris does friendship, Chris does kindness and Chris does hair like anyone I’ve ever met in my life,” she said. “It is my great pleasure to give this acknowledgement to the man I’d be lost in the woods without, and I’d actually look like I was lost in the woods without and it would not be pretty. The magical, the beautiful, the iconic, my dearest, Chris McMillan.”

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