A Truly Unhinged Azealia Banks Launches Twitter Tirade Against Zayn Malik

Azealia Banks launches Twitter tirade against Zayn Malik and it’s beyond shocking


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It all started when she tweeted about the similarity between their videos. Malik sent out a tweet which may or may not have been in response saying;

Well that was it.  Off she went, and in a stream of tweets which defy belief she was deplorably offensive.

Banks retorted “And you need to grow some hips and start ur menses. stay in a child’s place”, before telling Jackson she needed plastic surgery on her bottom and breasts!

They went back and forth for a bit and Jackson wrote “You give black women a bad name, I’ll be praying for you.”

If only it had ended there.

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“LOL black girls in the UK make themselves look bad w/o my help. those teeth? and terrible weaves?!?!? HAHAHA”

“Only fat English people who eat box tesco sandwiches, listen to UK radio at this hour.”

“You guys need to implement universal DENTAL care for the UK, before you try to address me #flouride.”


Late last night, Malik responded to the abuse tweeting “@azealiabanks Why you been saying nasty things about me? I wasn’t talking about you lol”

That set her off again and she carried on viciously attacking the singer’s cultural background. He was born in the UK and has a Pakistani father and an English-Irish mother who was raised Muslim—she was utterly revolting in her continued verbal assault.

Banks was due to be headlining the UK festival Born & Bred in June, but the organizers have today announced that they don’t want her there—she defiantly responded by accusing the event of being nothing without her and boasting that she will still be getting paid.

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Not content with just Malik and a Disney child, Banks also shared her thoughts on other artists, managing to slam four in just one tweet!

“Gaga is OVER, Rih’s been fucked in evry hole & discarded, now that nicki’s sucked Kim dry, nuttin left 4 her 2 steal.”

Seriously the girl needs to get medicated, apologize and more importantly SHUT THE FUCK UP.

The whole situation has led for calls for her Twitter account to be suspended—currently there are only very recent tweets visible, no sign of her previous posts.

A tweeted attempt to justify her odious diatribe has recently appeared—you’ll have to look on her Twitter account if you want to see it though, as we’re not giving it page space here. There is absolutely ZERO justification for her behavior and if it’s not a groveling mea culpa (which it’s not) we’re not interested.

Here are some of the tweets, do NOT continue reading if you don’t want to see homophobic, xenophobic or racist slurs. If you’ve got the energy at the end, check out Zayn’s video which tipped her over the edge.


“lol u a bitch nigga for even responding like that. Keep sucking this yung rapunzel dick u hairy curry scented bitch.”

“Imma start calling you punjab you dirty bitch.”

“You a dick rider for real for real. Ride this dick until the wheels fall off Punjab.”

“lol u were the only paki in the group and you knew you were there for a reason.”

“You were the token brown boy. All those white boys in 1D disrespected you and made you their PET.”

“You were only apart of 1d to draw brown attention.

“You are and ALWAYS will be a TOKEN to the UK.”


“When your entire extended family has been obliterated by good ol the US of A will you still be trying to

Act like a white boy pretending to be black?

Do you understand that you are a sand nigger who emulates white boys’ renditions of black male hood?

“Do you know how lost and culture less you are?”


“@zaynmalik still doesn’t change the fact that your mother is a dirty refugee who won’t be granted asylum.”


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