3LAU Links Up With MAX For New Club Banger “You Want More”

3LAU is on a hot streak. His new track, the volatile and tropical-doused “You Want More,” has netted well over one million streams on Spotify and follows several other such viral-like hits as “Fire” and “Is It Love.” This time around, he teams up with the steamy singer-songwriter MAX and offers 2016 one of the more seductive moments. “I see you, staring at me from a distance. Eyes say so much, let me listen, let me listen…” reads the smooth and slow-building first verse. “I need you to tell me the things that are missing. If he broke your heart, let me fix it, let me fix it…”

On the pre-chorus, he second guesses his boldness: “Did I say too much? Do you need more time?
If your love is free, baby, so is mine, baby, so is mine.” But he doesn’t exactly back off, then claiming, “Give me a minute, baby, and if you’re with it, lady, then we can make it daily. If you want more, let’s start it simple, baby.”

“You Want More” is the third release on 3LAU’s not-for-profit label BLUME. Proceeds from downloads go to benefit Pencils of Promise, an initiative aimed to build schools, train teachers and fund scholarships for underprivileged communities across the country. “The way BLUME works is every song that’s streamed — so far there have only been two, which have both been my songs ‘Is It Love’ and ‘Fire’ — raises about a half of a cent,” 3LAU told Us Weekly a few weeks ago. “Which it doesn’t seem like that much, but when you multiply it by millions, and these songs are getting millions of plays, every million plays on Spotify raises about $4,000.”

Last month, 3LAU hit his goal of raising $200,000 for the non-profit organization. “In the beginning of 2017, we can start releasing information on where the schools are going to be built, and potentially where we’ll do a trip with all the fans,” he said.

On getting MAX involved with the project and aboard the new single, he said it came together rather easily. “Max is super stoked about the charity component as well. When he heard the idea, he was like, ‘I want to do this right now.'”

Over the summer, one of 3LAU’s passion projects was a remixed version of Ariana Grande’s sultry “Into You” [listen here on Popdust]. “It was an idea that I was sitting on, and I was like, ‘Wait, these go together, and I love the Ariana vocal.’ So, I literally put it together in a day, showed it to SIRIUS XM BPM, and they actually called the record label saying, ‘You have to approve this now, because we want to start playing it tomorrow.’ It’s doing really well, it’s really exciting,” he shared with the magazine.

Listen below:

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