21 Times BarkleySirCharles Was More Stylin’ Than You

barkley sir charles stylish photos—Barkley Sir Charles the french Bulldog is stylin’. There’s a reason the handsome hound has 484,000 followers on Instagram

Barkley Sir Charles the french Bulldog is stylin’.

Like, majorly stylin’…..

There’s a reason the handsome hound has 484,000 followers on Instagram.

The little critter lives with his human roommates, Paul and Melissa, in Seattle, Washington.

Just one look at Barkley’s Instagram account proves the old adage, it’s a dogs life….

Traveling, fine dining, ballin’…it’s Charles Sir Barkley’s world, we just get to live in it.

Paul and Melissa started their pup’s Instagram career to prevent new parents’ social media syndrome–you know, all those insufferable baby photos that tend to flood your feed after someone gives birth/adopts.

Melissa tells Mashable:

We didn’t want to blow up our own Instagram accounts with his pics.

He ended up gaining more followers than we ever expected and that’s when we realized we really have to keep up with his account.

He knows how to sit, sit pretty, lay down, roll over, shake both hands and play dead.

That’s when we learned he’ll do almost anything for food.

From his snorting, whining, burping and farting — he makes us laugh every day.

According to Barkley Sir Charles website—yeah, he has one, along with a Facebook account, Twitter feed, slew of merchandise—the adorable doggie loves:

Rooting for Seattle teams but also for my daddy’s team, the Chicago Bulls.

Snorting, eating, swinging, spending time with friends and family and meeting new friends are some of my favorite things to do!

Check out Popdust’s pick of Charles Sir Barkley stylish photos..

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